Bluesfest 2009: Day 4

Oops I made a mistake and did Day 5 first
But here is day 4.
It was a horrible rainy day at Bluesfest.
But that didn’t stop people from coming over and listen to the music.

The acts that I saw were:
United Steel Workers Of Montreal
Amazing as always even with the rain. I was happy to finally hear Tracy Dean live.
United Steel Workers of Montreal @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Giant Hand
He sounded great for those that didn’t want to get wet in the rain.
Giant Hand @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Jill Barber
Finally I got a chance to see her live and she looked absolutely beautiful. That dress she wore was amazing.
Very short set due to mostly with the heavy rain. But I loved when she got the audience to participate in singing “Oh My My”
Jill Barber @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Rachael Yamagata
She reminds me of either Fiona Apple or Cat Power
Rachael Yamagata @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Hey Rosetta!
Amazing band to see live!!
Hey Rosetta! @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Ornette Coleman
It was a unique approach to have it in the Lebreton Gallery where the tanks are exhibited.
I think they should do more shows in that area of the War Museum.
Ornette Coleman @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Interesting time to see this Jewish hip-hopper.
Matisyahu @ Ottawa Bluesfest


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