SPAO: Likeness

On June 12th I went to SPAO for a exhibition called Likeness.
It is in part of Festival Karsh.
SPAO: Likeness
Featuring photographers of:

  • Andrew Balfour
  • David Barbour
  • Matthew Carrington
  • Brandon Clarida
  • John Conway
  • Joël Côté-Cright
  • Clive Cretney
  • Magida El-Kassis
  • Tony Fouhse
  • Jon Hobin
  • Ian James Hopkins
  • Rob Hughes
  • Pedro Isztin
  • Joy Kardish
  • Maggie Knaus
  • Karina Kraenzle
  • Aislinn Leggett
  • Martin Lipman
  • Kimberly Malysheff
  • Angelina McCormick
  • Amanda Meehan
  • Rozemarijn Oudejans
  • Erin Riley
  • Joseph Jeremie Roy
  • Michael Schreier
  • Sarai Strikefoot
  • Michael Tardioli
  • Genevieve Thauvette
  • Michelle Wilson
  • Greg Zenha

Their works were mostly portraits of people, showing how Karsh was influential in taking the photos.
There were some unique ones and some bizarre and some artsy like.
Met some people at the event, even the Ottawa Folk Festival people were in attendance.
The food was great.
SPAO: Likeness
This exhibit runs from June 12 – September 12, 2009

Here are some photos.
SPAO: LikenessSPAO: Likeness

I like these photos.
SPAO: LikenessSPAO: Likeness


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