Tea with Trudeau Stories

June 11th, I went to the Ottawa Little Theatre to attend the Magnetic North Theatre Festival’s Tea With The Artist.
Tea with Trudeau Stories
Here is the info:
Sarah Stanley gets right to the heart of the creative process in these intimate artist interviews, where every day is a different flavour. A festival favourite!
Also in the theatre there is some photos Yousuf Karsh’s which is in part of Festival Karsh. Mostly theatre photographs that he took.
Tea with Trudeau Stories
Anyways going back to Tea with the Artist.
It was my first time and it was nice atmosphere drinking tea with the cast and director of Trudeau Stories.
Tea with Trudeau Stories
I was surprised that Brooke was very nervous doing it in Ottawa because its was where everything happened when Trudeau was Prime Minister during his time.
Also nervous that people didn’t want to see a different perception of Trudeau.
I asked Brooke the question if any family members has seen it and apparently they haven’t.
Very informative, funny and entertaining.
Tea with Trudeau Stories
Sarah Stanley was good at asking the questions to Brooke and Allyson McMackon (The director).
Love the question that Allyson picked up from the gold teapot which was “When did you color your hair?”.
Again I will say that Brooke is an amazing actress and a lovely person.
Tea with Trudeau Stories
Trudeau Stories will play until June 13th.


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