Magnetic North. So far…

On June 4th I went to check out the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.
The show I saw was Skydive.

It is a show where two actors are hanging on a crane.
Which they are not touching the ground.
It was innovative and unique.
It was a nice play but just the ending was a surprise and moving.

After that I went in the second act of Nevermore.
Its a musical about Edgar Allan Poe’s life.
Very funny and sad with a dark gothic feel to it.
Costumes were very nice and had that “Tim Burton” feel.
Since it was the only time I got to see this show and missed out the first act.
Its one of those shows you have to see at the Magnetic North Festival.
After the show I got to stay for the talkback sessions (basically a Q&A).
I got to ask a question about the costumes and it was all made of sticks, paper and glue and whatever.

I have to say that Nevermore was a great show to check out at the festival.

Check out Jessica’s review of Day 1.
Check out Jessica’s review of Day 2.

Went to the after party at Club Saw.
Guess who I saw? I saw Don McKellar!
I was so starstruck and at least I saw another friend and we both went up to him.
I was so nervous and talked like an idiot.
Here is the only photo I took at the after party.

On June 5th I decided to hit up the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.
Decided to check out the Magnetic Encounters which happened to be free.
Here is the link the site on what the details are.
Don McKellar and Greg Morrison who were the co-creators of the big hit The Drowsy Chaperone.
It was nice insightful interview and history on how this hit musical became successful.
It makes me want to go see this show when it hits Ottawa in October.
In time for the 40th Anniversary of the National Art Centre.
At least I got to see Don McKellar for the second time.
Now I am excited to see The Drowsy Chaperone.

I had a great time attending this interview session.


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