Westfest: I See Rowboats, Matthew Barber and Land Of Talk

Yesterday I went to the 5th annual Westfest in Westboro Ottawa.
It was the big night
The acts they had was i see rowboats, Matt Barber, Grand Analog, Land Of Talk and Joel Plaskett Emergency.
I got there really early and I saw Joel Plaskett with Peter Elkas (I was shocked!) doing sound check.

i see rowboats were amazing again this time.
http://summerworks.wordpress.com/2008/07/30/the-music-series-matthew-barberbob-wiseman/ was really good and I got his autograph.
Grand Analog was great with the hip-hop.
Land of Talk was great
Joel Plaskett Emergency was amazing as always

I am going to use my brother’s photos because I took alot and haven’t uploaded them

i see rowboats:
i see rowboats

Matthew Barber:
Matthew Barber and the Union Dues

Land Of Talk:
Land of Talk

More to come later


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